2016 Doctorate             Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
                                       Painting Department
                                       Thesis Subject "The body as an expressive approach in painting after 1945"
                                       Supervisor Assist. Prof. Aydın Ayan

2013 Master                  Uludag University Social Sciences Institute
                                       Painting Department
                                       Thesis Subject “Photorealism in the Context of Figure and Place Relationship”
                                       Supervisor Assist. Prof. Nuri Yavuz

2008 Undergraduate   Uludag University Education Faculty
                                       Painting Teacher


2012-Cont.                     Sakarya University Fine Arts Faculty
                                        Painting Department, Research Assistant


The state of chaos and complex formations that the universe is in are the sole impulses that trigger the act of making art. This chaotic structure which shapes my outlook on the world, keeps ordinary life above my perception limit. While the dynamism in the chaos becomes consistent throughout the creative process, sometimes it is also dragged into the quest of truth. It descends down to the finest detail that is visible and enables me to mediate its transformation into some space that is external to its own reality.

I evaluate the concept of chaos usually with the figures through which the psychological stress of man can be expressed. Because the complexity of human figure gives reference to the starting point of chaos, and it also raises the question of the origin of the confusion. And my style of painting, which progresses with a consistent perspective with regard to the used language, contains experiments that avoids from recurrence of the plastic elements. This attitude, compels me to determine the appropriate medium and the compositions for the subject that is defined by my own cognitive limitations.

2008   Personal Oil Painting Exhibition, 12-17 May,
            Tayyare Culture Center, BURSA


2015   Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino 1st International Festival of Schools of Art and Design Torino/ITALY
2013   2th Yalova International Art Biennial, Exhibition in the Field of Painting, Yalova/TURKEY
2013   Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts 6th International Student Triennial,Istanbul/TURKEY
2013   Artist 2013 23th International Art Fair Exhibition in the Field of Painting, İstanbul/TURKEY


2015    Beylikdüzü Municipality 1st National Painting Workshop Istanbul/TURKEY
2015    Portakal Cicegi 7th International Art Colony Sapanca/TURKEY
2012    Summart 2012 Painting Workshop, Chisinau/MOLDOVA

2015    "Yeni Aralık/New Space" Project Exhibition, Gallery Soyut, Ankara/TURKEY
2015    "05-18 May 2015 "Karma'Şık" Mixed Exhibition, Corinne Art Gallery, Istanbul/TURKEY
2014    Gallery Zilberman GYF Competition Exhibition in the Field of Painting, Istanbul/TURKEY
2014    "Great Meeting" National Academics Mixed Exhibition, Gallery Işık, Istanbul/TURKEY
2013    International Art, Design and Manipulation Symposium Exhibition Sakarya University Art and Culture Center
            Exhibition in the Field of Painting, Sakarya/TURKEY

2013    “Harvest” Sakarya University Fine Arts Faculty Instractor’s Mixed Media Exhibition, Sakarya University Fine Arts
             Faculty Art Gallery, Sakarya/TURKEY
2012    “Meeting-1”, Onur Karaalioğlu, Ahmet Kolburan, Zafer Malkoç and Ümit Türk Mixed Painting Exhibition,
             5-31 October, Gallery Soyut, Ankara/TURKEY
2010    70th Government Painting and Sculpture Contest Exhibition in the Field of Painting, Cer Modern,Ankara/TURKEY
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